Why my Family is Celebrating World Kindness Day

Sunshine Parenting

Celebrating World Kindness DayLike most families, we are constantly on the go between school, sports, and other activities. But as I inventory where we’re spending our time, I find (embarrassingly) that most of our activities benefit only ourselves. Our athletic pursuits are fun and keep us in shape. Our shopping keeps us fed and in current clothing styles. Even some of our service work seems to be aimed at selfish motives – looking good on a college or job application or getting a photo posted on social media doing some “good.”

I want my kids to learn how great it feels to be kind to others without getting anything in return.

I often thinks of small, nice things I could do for a friend, family member or stranger. Sadly, I only rarely act on those ideas. That bothers me, because my kids will learn by seeing what I actually do, not from my unfulfilled intentions.

One time…

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