Emergent Curriculum, Reggio, and Inquiry: Coming to Terms with Terms

Technology Rich Inquiry Based Research

By: Diane Kashin, Ed.D, RECE. I have been an ardent proponent of emergent curriculum in early childhood education well before I became Reggio inspired. In the early nineties I became aware of the work of Elizabeth Jones and John Nimmo and used their textbook, Emergent Curriculum as the foundation for the curriculum courses that I taught to early childhood education students. I was thrilled to discover this book as I was struggling with moving beyond the thematic approach of pre-cuts and worksheets

Emergent Curriculum and the Project Approach

When I discovered the work of Sylvia Chard and Lillian Katz and the Project Approach I found an emergent curriculum structure that students seemed to be able to grasp and implement in their placements. The students would frame their work in placement on the three phases of the Project Approach. They began by identifying a topic of interest, followed by weeks of investigating the topic with children and ended…

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